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Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management

What is medication management and who should consider it?
The right medication can reduce or eliminate symptoms and significantly improve a patient’s quality of life.

How we can help


Outpatient treatment that begins with a Psychiatric Assessment of the patient's need for psychotropic medication. The evaluation includes an analysis of your symptoms, social, family, medical and present history and a decision will be made if medication is a feasible option for treating your mental health disorder. Based on the initial evaluation a diagnosis and treatment plan will be developed between the patient and provider with your particular needs on the forefront.

Medication Management

If you decide to proceed, assorted medication, possible adverse effects, frequency and dosages will be discussed.  Additionally, other treatment modalities such as, psychotherapy, life management skills and behavioral therapies will be suggested for optimal functioning in conjunction with medication.

Patient Stories

real people, real results

"Dr. Ballard and her team are extremely professional and helpful. Whenever I have a question, I can email the practice and always get a response within 24 hours (usually within one or two hours). They are flexible with my work schedule if something comes up last minute. Dr. Ballard is an expert at issues facing the local community, and she is dedicated to serving RVA. Sometimes there is a 15-20 minute wait for an appointment at the end of the day, but it is ALWAYS WORTH THE WAIT!! Dr. Ballard takes her time to answer all questions and get to know her patients. I never feel rushed during an appointment. I recommend her practice to anyone seeking care. This is the best practice in RVA."

-Jessica L.

Let us help you find the right balance by providing personalized medication management tailored to your unique needs.

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