Unique Holistic Care focuses on each patient as a ‘whole person,’ understanding that everyone’s psychological well-being is influenced by a matrix of factors that could limit their ability to explore life’s infinite possibilities.

Working with our competent, professional team, we reach out to help all ages and are especially sensitive to the needs of our youth and underserved population.

Unique Services

Treating the WHOLE Person

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& Counseling Assessment

Your therapist will perform a complete assessment at your initial session, help you develop treatment goals and maintain a schedule of sessions to meet your needs and lifestyle.

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Medication Management


Your clinician will complete a full psychiatric assessment including medical, psychiatric, psychological and social background information. He or she will also review your current medications. You will work together in developing a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals

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Medical Marijuana Evaluations


Now accepting new patients. Free consultations are available to walk you through the process from start to finish. We have providers from various specialties to fit and understand your needs as you embark on your journey to optimal functioning naturally.

Taking an Exam

ADHD Testing Center

We are finding that developing certain areas of specialization gives us the ability to explore certain conditions more deeply. The premise of our Center is that ADHD is not necessarily a ‘stand-alone’ diagnosis, but that there may be psychiatric/social factors that are also in play.


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Virginia Halm

These providers genuinely care about your mental health. They listen, non-judgmental and definitely don't throw a bunch of medication your way. I recommend TJ any day, you will not be disappointed.

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Sharean Perry

The doctors at this place are extraordinary! They give you their undivided attention and have your best interest at hand. Their hospitality and unique technique of service they provide assures you that they are definitely not in their line of work mainly for the money! I would recommend them any day

Ty & Brandy Barksdale

Unique Holistic Care is a great place for mental health services. They truly care about the wellness of the individual and the communities they live in from a macro and micro perspective. I highly recommend them for counseling because of their non-judgmental perspective.

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Terri Morris

I was referred by a friend. It took 3 months to get in and worth the wait. He was totally right, down to earth. I already told a colleague that is suffering from depression to make an appointment.