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Unique Holistic Care focuses on each patient as a ‘whole person,’ with the understanding that everyone’s psychological well-being is influenced by a matrix of factors that could be limiting his or her ability to explore life’s infinite possibilities. Working with our competent, professional team, we reach out to help all ages, and especially sensitive to the needs of our youth and underserved population.



We know that we don’t have all the answers to everyone’s needs, but we do know that our ability to listen and understand and provide advice without prejudgment places us in the very best position to use our professional insights to guide them to a greater understanding of themselves so that they can begin to take control of their destiny.


We are finding that developing certain areas of specialization gives us the ability to explore certain conditions more deeply. One of our ‘centers of specialization’ is our soon-to-be implemented ‘ADHD Testing Center.’ The premise of our Center is that ADHD is not necessarily a ‘stand-alone’ diagnosis, but that there may be psychiatric/social factors that are also in play. We first provide a patient with a comprehensive clinical review and then use a sophisticated testing tool (QBTech) that will help us have more confidence in ‘ruling in’ or ‘ruling’ out ADHD before moving forward with a psychiatric evaluation.


The stigmatization of mental health issues has kept people from seeking help far too long. By developing our holistic approach to mental health care, we hope to send a strong message that feeling overwhelmed and out of control is not an unusual human condition; that it’s ‘ok’ to reach out for help; and that, with the right care, they can regain a sense of equilibrium in their lives.


Affordability – Our rates are reasonable, and we accept Medicaid, Medicare and other commercial insurances as well as cash payments.

Service Excellence

Service Excellence – Our patients’ well-being is our highest priority, and we provide a full spectrum of care that includes comprehensive psychiatric evaluations along with medication management, psychotherapy, group, individual and family therapy.


Integrity – Trust, transparency, honesty, accountability and fairness are the principles that guide our work every day.

Let us help you unlock your full potential & discover a renewed sense of hope and optimism towards a brighter future.

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