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ADHD Evaluations & Testing


With proper diagnosis and treatment, many of the difficulties associated with ADHD can be significantly reduced and sometimes even eliminated.

What is ADHD?

A disorder of the brain and behavior that makes it hard to pay attention, act on impulses, and often, but not always, be hyperactive. Some signs are trouble focusing, staying still, and getting things done. People who have these signs do not always have ADHD. Before a diagnosis can be made, the person's symptoms must affect the individual’s performance in more than one way. They must also meet other criteria before a diagnosis can be made.

The main problem with ADHD is that there aren't enough chemicals in the brain (neurotransmitters) that help the brain focus.

Is it ADHD or ADD?

The medical diagnosis is ADHD. ADD is a “slang” term for patients with the inattentive sub-type of the disorder, meaning they are less hyperactive than most ADHD patients.

What is QbTest?

QbTest is an FDA-cleared computer-based test that measures the core symptoms associated with ADHD, including hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention/distractibility. The test results are presented in a report that compares your results with a non-ADHD group of people of the same age and gender.

This is for


  • Having difficulty maintain focus on one task

  • Not seeming to listen when spoken to

  • Struggling to follow instructions

  • Forgetting to bring home or turn in assignments

  • Difficulty engaging in quiet activities


  • Problems with organization and planning

  • Difficulty paying attention

  • Difficulty initiating and completing tasks

  • Misplacing or losing items

UHC ADHD Evaluation & Treatment Process

Our team is qualified Health Professionals who will make a clinical decision following a Comprehensive Clinal Evaluation that includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Psychiatric and Medical Examination

  2. Clinical Interviews

  3. Parent, teacher, other family members, and self-reports by using validated rating scales.

  4. Objective ADHD Test – QbTest – Mandatory

If that diagnosis is ADHD, we provide evidence-based treatment options and individualized care for each patient, providing careful follow-up to ensure their treatment plan fits your needs. We are committed to helping patients take their life back.
If the diagnosis is due to another psychiatric condition, we will treat that disorder or help you find the necessary resources.

We are finding that developing certain areas of specialization gives us the ability to explore certain conditions more deeply.

The premise of our Center is that ADHD is not necessarily a ‘stand-alone’ diagnosis, but that there may be psychiatric/social factors that are also in play.

We first provide a patient with a comprehensive clinical review and then use a sophisticated testing tool (QB-Tech) that will help us have more confidence in ‘ruling in’ or ‘ruling’ out ADHD.  

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a very common neurological disorder which affects 3-7% of all school aged children.  

It is a disorder where 30-50% of these children continue to have symptoms into adulthood.

Patient Stories

real people, real results

"Unique Holistic Care is a great place for mental health services. They truly care about the wellness of the individual and the communities they live in from a macro and micro perspective. I highly recommend them for counseling because of their non-judgmental perspective."

-Ty B.

gain a better understanding of your unique strengths & challenges through our accurate & personalized ADHD evaluation and testing services

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