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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey in the world of mental health?

Join us as we unveil the PMHNP Practice Launch Roadmap - your guide to building a thriving practice with confidence and precision!

P:  Practice Planning: Envision your ideal practice! Craft your mission, pinpoint your services, and discover the power of choice - offering Telehealth or welcoming patients in your warm office. Your vision, your practice, your way!

M:  Market Research and Strategy: Unearth the secrets of success in your local mental health landscape. Outshine the competition with your unique strengths. Illuminate your path to prosperity!

H:  Healthcare Compliance: We'll equip you with the armor of compliance, ensuring you're always on the right side of the law. Navigate the maze of regulations effortlessly!

N:  Networking, Outreach, and Launch: Forge alliances with healthcare leaders, build referral networks, and ignite your online presence. When you launch, the world will know!

P:  Private Practice Development: Build your castle, assemble your team, and set the rules of your kingdom. Rule your practice with financial prowess and operational excellence.

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Turn your dreams into reality!

Your PMHNP Practice awaits, and our roadmap is your magic wand. Whether you prefer Telehealth or the personal touch of face-to-face consultations, we have the key to your success!

Launching a private practice is more than just setting up an office – it's about creating a sanctuary where patients find solace and practitioners discover their fullest potential.

As a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with over nine years of clinical experience, I understand our profession's unique challenges and opportunities. This realization paved the way for my private practice. Starting from the grassroots, I navigated the intricate nuances of the industry and, within three years, successfully expanded to accommodate multiple providers.

For the past six years, my role as a private practice owner has granted me insights into clinical care and the art and science of establishing and growing a practice in our niche field. I’ve experienced the hurdles, celebrated the milestones, and learned invaluable lessons.

I’m here to share that knowledge, guide you through the process, and empower you to start your own successful psychiatric practice. Together, we’ll transform your vision into reality, ensuring you provide top-tier care and thrive as a practice owner.

Join me, and let's chart a path to your dream practice.

Take charge of your PMHNP practice journey on your terms!

what's it like to work with Dr. Ballard?

"Outstanding care and unwavering dedication—this is what I found under the expert guidance of TJ, a highly esteemed African American female psychiatric nurse practitioner who leads her unique practice, Unique Holistic Care"

Empowerment Evolved

Transforming Lives, One Success Story at a Time

"From the moment I stepped into TJ's practice, I was enveloped in an environment that exuded empathy, understanding, and a commitment to overall well-being. TJ's approach is truly exceptional. Her extensive knowledge in psychiatric care, combined with her nurturing demeanor, creates a space where I felt safe to share my deepest concerns.


TJ doesn’t just focus on diagnoses and prescriptions; she listens attentively, tailoring treatment plans that consider the entirety of an individual—mind, body, and spirit. Her cultural competence adds a unique and invaluable dimension to her practice. As an African American woman, she comprehends the intersectionality of mental health and cultural influences, fostering a safe environment to openly discuss the impact of culture and societal factors on mental health.


Her dedication to mental health advocacy within underserved communities is inspiring. TJ's commitment to breaking barriers, addressing stigmas, and promoting mental health education showcases her passion and dedication to making mental health care accessible and inclusive for all.


I am deeply grateful for the profound impact TJ and Unique Holistic Care have had on my life. Her practice isn’t merely a place for healing; it's a sanctuary where individuals can reclaim their lives, supported by a practitioner who not only possesses expertise but genuinely cares. For anyone seeking a supportive, holistic, and effective approach to mental health care, TJ and Unique Holistic Care stand out as a beacon of hope and proficiency"

- Brittany D Chandler, APRN, MSN, PMHNP-BC

ALIGN Integrated Care, LLC

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