The Team

Our team consists of Licensed  Board Certified Psychiatric and Family Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Psychologist, Licensed  Clinical Social Workers and Professional Counselors to meet your ever changing needs.

Kim Golds, LPC - R
Licensed Professional Counselor - Resident 

Ms. Kim Golds was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. Ms. Golds obtained her Master in Clinical Social Work from Touro Graduate School of Social Work. Currently Ms. Golds is a Resident in Counseling. She has an extensive mental health service background and worked in various capacities as an Clinical Coordinator, Family Specialist, and Outpatient Therapist. 
Ms. Golds is here to listen to you in your time of need and only focus on the goals that you identify are best for you. Ms. Golds  objective in every case is to work towards a client's therapeutic goals in order to achieve a higher level of functioning and a more satisfying life. Ms. Golds approach to therapy begins with establishing a level of comfort, safety, and open communication. Ms. Golds is passionate about working with individuals who have a history of trauma, depression, anger management. and incarceration.